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Il est à noter qu’Arte peut se permettre ce film car cela fait une centaine d’années que Léopold II est mort mais le génocide au Congo ne s’est pas arrêté avec la mort de Léopold II. Enviant à la Belgique les richesses du Congo, le Canada, les États-Unis, la France, le Royaume Uni, l’Allemagne, la Chine, Israël, le Liban, l’Australie etc. se sont mis de la partie et participent actuellement au génocide lucratif en RDC [voir 1 2 3 4] (en fait c’est la communauté internationale toute entière qui viole le Congo), génocide qui de par son envergure éclipse même l’Holocauste de la Seconde Guerre et le Génocide rwandais: depuis 1998 seulement, entre 3 millions et 5 millions de personnes sont mortes des conflits au Congo, plus de 17 000 enfants soldats ont été recrutés et le viole des femmes est devenu systématique. Voici un extrait de congopanorama à ce sujet:

Rape has become a defining characteristic of the five-year war in the DRC, according to Anneke Van Woudenberg, the Congo specialist for Human Rights Watch. So, too, has mutilation of the victims.

« Last year, I was stunned when a 30-year-old woman in North Kivu had her lips and ears cut off and eyes gouged out after she was raped, so she couldn’t identify or testify against her attackers. Now, we are seeing more and more such cases, » she says.

As the troops of coccupation from Rwanda and Uganda constantly sought new ways to terrorize, their barbarity became more frenzied.

I, too, was sickened by what I saw and heard. In three decades of covering war, I had never before come across the cases described to me by Congolese doctors, such as gang-rape victims having their labia pierced and then padlocked.

« They usually die of massive infection, » I was told.

Based on personal testimonies collected by Human Rights Watch, it is estimated that as many as 30 percent of rape victims are sexually tortured and mutilated during the assaults, usually with spears, machetes, sticks or gun barrels thrust into their vaginas.

Increasingly, the trigger is being pulled. About 40 percent of rape victims, usually the younger ones, aged 8 to 19, are abducted and forced to become sex slaves.

« The country is in an utter state of lawlessness; it’s complete anarchy, » says Woudenberg. « In this culture of impunity, people know they can get away with anything. Every armed group is equally culpable. »

In the Congo, rape is a cheaper weapon of war than bullets. Experts estimate that some 60 percent of all combatants in the DRC are infected with HIV/AIDS. As women rarely have access to expensive antiretroviral drugs, sexual assaults all too often become automatic death sentences.

Médecins Sans Frontières operates five health clinics offering antiretrovirals in the conflict zone of northeastern DRC, but many women don’t know about the drugs and cannot travel safely to the centers. Moreover, according to Helen O’Neill, a nurse who set up MSF’s sexual-violence treatment program, such drugs must be taken within forty-eight to seventy-two hours of the rape to prevent infection.

If a woman has been exposed to the virus, the treatment is 80 percent effective. But in the Congo, rape victims who are not captive sex slaves must walk for days or weeks, often with massive injuries, and risk new capture by roving rebel bands, before reaching assistance.