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Mois : novembre 2007

Rigged Markets de Al Jazeera

Rigged Markets                     Max Keiser bets on a winner Free markets are meant to be fair, but are they really? The smallest investor in the stock market is meant to face...

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Iraqi MPs demand timetable for withdrawal of US troops

Iraqi MPs demand timetable for withdrawal Is the U.N. troop mandate defying Iraqi law? Thursday November 22nd, 2007 Raed Jarrar is an architect and political analyst currently based in Washington DC. He was born in Baghdad and...

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Clinton votes for war in Iran

Why, Senator Clinton? We ask Clinton why she voted for an amendment that could be used as support for attacking Iran Thursday October 18th, 2007 On September 26th, Senator Clinton voted for the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment, which...

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  Je veux découvrir des blogues!

Les meilleurs blogueurs québécois!

Abonnez-vous et faites rayonner les meilleurs blogueurs indépendants du Québec!

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