Repris des Space Hijackers:


Final Score:

Space Hijackers – 1
The Police – 0

This year at the DSEi arms fair, the Space Hijackers very publicly claimed that we were going to auction off a tank to the highest bidder at the fair. Following on from the arms dealers we would simply be looking for cash, as opposed to having any moral conscience about who we were selling it to, or what they intended to do with it.

As you can imagine, the £4million worth of police who had been brought in to protect the fair were rather interested in our plans. We had under cover officers trying to listen to our meetings, we attempted midnight manouvres only to be followed by the police, and by two night before the fair, we were under pretty much 24hr police watch.

However with the most cunning move of our carrers so far, just as it became obvious the police were not going to let us drive our tank to the fair, we pulled a second one out of our hats. Cue, startled police, a mad panic and a race to meet our second, HUGE tracked tank at the doors of the arms fair!


Obviously we are now in lots and lots of debt, so please buy our t-shirts to help us get our tank on the road for more fun!

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