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London Times Graphic Suggesting (bottom left) That Shell Needs ‘Access To Iraqi Oil’
Print Edition, p44/45, 4 February 2005

Shell Game

« The United States will next week appoint a former head of Shell Oil to run Iraq’s oil industry, it was reported today. ‘The US Government is setting up Iraq’s oil industry to run much like an American corporation, with a chief executive and management team vetted by US officials who would answer to a multinational board of advisers,’ the Wall Street Journal Europe reported. The advisory board would be chaired by Philip J Carroll, a former chief executive of Shell Oil, the US unit of the Dutch-British oil giant Royal Dutch/Shell, the newspaper reported…. The chief executive, who would have basically the same role as former oil ministers and would also have a seat on the advisory board, would represent Iraq at the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Washington has been the subject of sharp criticism that one of the motivations behind its military campaign in Iraq was to gain control of Iraq’s oil reserves, estimated to be the second-biggest in the world after those of Saudi Arabia. »
Former Shell chief ‘to run Iraqi oil industry’
London Times, 25 April 2003